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Prometheus: Setup A Dead Man's Switch!

A Dead Man’s Switch is an alert that allows us to trigger an alert when our Prometheus cluster is no longer functioning correctly. This is important, because it would be a disaster if our monitoring pipeline went down and critical alerts weren’t being triggered!

In Prometheus, we need to define an alerting rule that continuously triggers/alerts, so that if it no longer triggers, we know.

- name: meta
    - alert: DeadMansSwitch
      expr: vector(1)
        severity: critical
        description: This is a DeadMansSwitch meant to ensure that the entire Alerting
          pipeline is functional.
        summary: Alerting DeadMansSwitch

Once we have the Alert working in Prometheus, we can configure Alertmanager. For this config I will be using email notification to a service called DeadMansSnitch that handles DeadMansSwitch alerting and has a nice integration with pagerduty.

In DeadMansSnitch, we need to configure our time interval to 15mins. This will alert us if our DeadMansSwitch alert in Alertmanager has been silent 3 times, and allows us to sidestep the unreliability of email, which we’ll use from AlertManager to DeadMansSnitch in want of a better option.

Screenshot showing deadmanssnitch

In AlertManager, this will be our config. You will need to replace the to: email to the DeadMansSnitch email for your account.


    smtp_smarthost: "smtp.sendgrid.net:587"
    smtp_from: "Alertmanager <alertmanager@yourcorp.com>"
    smtp_auth_username: apikey
    smtp_auth_password: "<api key here>"
  - match:
      alertname: DeadMansSwitch
    repeat_interval: 5m
    receiver: deadmansswitch
- name: deadmansswitch
  - to: "youraccount@nosnch.in"

You now have Prometheus/Alertmanager triggering DeadMansSnitch!

Screenshot showing deadmanssnitch

You can now setup a Pagerduty integration to page you when the DeadMansSwitch fails.